75 ChatGPT prompts for copywriters, SEO, programmers, marketers

75 ChatGPT prompts for copywriters, SEO, programmers, marketers

In the previous article, we talked about how to write prompts for ChatGPT, using the full potential of artificial intelligence. Today we are giving practical tips – 75 useful prompts for content authors, SEO, programmers, marketers and just for fun that will improve interaction with AI and help get the desired result. Keep it in your bookmarks so you don’t lose it.

ChatGPT and other generative AI tools can sometimes produce information that is incorrect. Therefore, it is important to always verify the data before using the results of generative AI in your work.

It’s also important to remember that when you submit information, such as code, to ChatGPT via a web browser or app, the data entered may be used by OpenAI and ChatGPT.

It’s time to experiment! Try these 75 tips and see how they stimulate your creativity and help you speed up certain steps.

Top ChatGPT Tips for Content Writers

1. I’m going to paste some text for you to look at. Tell me what tone of voice this content has. Is it friendly, informational, angry, or something else? [ВВЕДІТЬ ТЕКСТ].

2. [ПРИКЛАД А]: [СТИЛЬ ПРИКЛАДУ А]. [ПРИКЛАД B]: [СТИЛЬ ПРИКЛАДУ B]. Using the examples I just gave, rewrite the following sentence in the same style. [ПОТРІБНЕ РЕЧЕННЯ].

3. Make a comparison table for [ТЕМА А] Yes [ТЕМА В]. Turn on comparison for [ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКА А, ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКА В, ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКА С…].

4. Create 10 alternative versions of this title: [ВВЕДІТЬ ЗАГОЛОВОК].

5. Create [КІЛЬКІСТЬ] headlines, maximum [КІЛЬКІСТЬ] characters each, for an article on [ТЕМА]. Audience of the article [ОПИС]we use [ТИП] tone of voice.

6. I’m going to insert the texts of 3 articles. Create in-depth summaries of articles on topics in paragraph format. Here’s the content: [ТЕКСТ СТАТТІ A, ТЕКСТ СТАТТІ B, ТЕКСТ СТАТТІ C…].

7. Pull it out [КІЛЬКІСТЬ] statistics from this article that would be most interesting to [ОПИС АУДИТОРІЇ]. [ВВЕДІТЬ ТЕКСТ СТАТТІ].

8. Take out all the statistics about this article. [ТЕМА] and organize it into a list. [ВВЕДІТЬ ТЕКСТ СТАТТІ].

9. Rewrite this paragraph so that it has [ТИП] tone of voice. [ВВЕДІТЬ ТЕКСТ].

10. Create an article outline for a blog on [ТЕМА]. Turn it on [КЛЮЧОВЕ СЛОВО] in the title and one subtitle. Format each subheading as H2. Include at least 5 subheadings in your plan. Make the plan suitable for writing. [ДОВЖИНА] blog articles.

11. Convert this post into two tweets, one LinkedIn message, and a 100-word email summary: [ВВЕДІТЬ ТЕКСТ].

12. What are the synonyms for [СЛОВО]? Don’t use [СЛОВА ДЛЯ ВИНЯТКУ].

13. Analyze this sentence: [ВВЕДІТЬ РЕЧЕННЯ].

14. Edit this text to make it more concise and reduce the number of filler words: [ВВЕДІТЬ ТЕКСТ].

15. How many words and symbols are there in the text? [ВВЕДІТЬ ТЕКСТ].

Top ChatGPT Tips for SEO

16. Give me [ЧИСЛО] keyword ideas [ТЕМА].

17. What people are interested in [ТЕМА]also searched on the Internet?

18. Organize these search keywords. [ВВЕДІТЬ СПИСОК КЛЮЧОВИХ СЛІВ].

19. Organize these keywords by funnel stage. [ВВЕДІТЬ СПИСОК КЛЮЧОВИХ СЛІВ].

20. Sort these keywords into clusters based on related topics. Create the maximum [КІЛЬКІСТЬ] clusters and all keywords are distributed between [КІЛЬКІСТЬ] clusters. [ВВЕДІТЬ СПИСОК КЛЮЧОВИХ СЛІВ].

21. Keywords with errors were returned from the list: [ВВЕДІТЬ КЛЮЧОВІ СЛОВА].

22. Make a list [КІЛЬКІСТЬ] most common queries for [ТЕМИ]. Customize the list according to [ОПИС АУДИТОРІЇ].

23. How would you change this text to make it better or more attractive? [ОПИС АУДИТОРІЇ]? [ВВЕДІТЬ ТЕКСТ].

24. What is the most common tone of voice used for [ТИП КОНТЕНТУ] O [ТЕМА]when it was written for [АУДИТОРІЯ]?

25. What are 10 other ways to describe [ТИП ПРОДУКТУ чи БІЗНЕСУ]?

26. Write [КІЛЬКІСТЬ] descriptions, maximum 150 characters each, for an article entitled [НАЗВА].

27. Write [КІЛЬКІСТЬ] titles, maximum 60 characters each, for an article titled [НАЗВА].

28. Pull any duplicate URLs from this list and say what they are: [ВВЕДІТЬ ДАНІ].

29. Remove all duplicate titles in this list and give me a copy of the list without duplicates: [ВВЕДІТЬ ДАНІ].

30. Create a layout for a web page [ТИП].

Top ChatGPT Tips for Marketers

31. Create a list of the best [КІЛЬКІСТЬ] alternatives [КОМПАНІЯ чи ПРОДУКТ] and describe their comparison with [ОРИГІНАЛ]. Include detailed information about [ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКА 1, ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКА 2, ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКА 3…].

32. Write a one-paragraph summary of this article that will appeal to business decision makers on LinkedIn. [ВВЕДІТЬ ТЕКСТ].

33. Create an Instagram post about [ТЕМА АБО ЗМІСТ]using the same tone of voice as in these examples: [ПРИКЛАД А, ПРИКЛАД В, ПРИКЛАД С…].

34. Rewrite this Instagram post in an influencer’s voice and add more emojis. [ВВЕДІТЬ ТЕКСТ].

35. Turn this article into a series of tweets no longer than [КІЛЬКІСТЬ] tweets. Make sure the first tweet contains the title and emoji.

36. Create 3 tweets from [ОПИС] tone of voice, each of which will be linked to this article: [ВВЕДІТЬ ТЕКСТ чи URL-АДРЕСУ].

37. Create a 4-week content plan containing the following types of content: [КОНТЕНТ ТИПУ A, ТИПУ B, ТИПУ C…]. Make sure that at least two types of content are published weekly, on at least two different days, and do not schedule publication on the weekend.

38. Turn this blog post into a script for Reel on Instagram or TikTok. Video will be maximum [ТРИВАЛІСТЬ]. [ВВЕДІТЬ ТЕКСТ чи URL].

39. Create a complete client profile, including name, for a person who meets the following points: [ВВЕДІТЬ ОПИС КЛІЄНТА].

40. Create a cold email that I can send to people who [ОПИС АУДИТОРІЇ]. My goal [МЕТА]and my business is [ОПИС].

41. Create 10 questions to survey clients of a company specializing in [ОПИС]. Our survey goal is to find out [ДЕТАЛІ]. We use the results to [РЕЗУЛЬТАТ].

42. Create [КІЛЬКІСТЬ] Google Ads for a page [НАЗВА СТОРІНКИ].

43. Create a list [КІЛЬКІСТЬ] hashtags that we can use on social networks to promote our [ОПИС] business.

44. Write an email template to welcome new clients and customers to our company. Our typical client is [ОПИС АУДИТОРІЇ].

45. Create [КІЛЬКІСТЬ] YouTube video ideas, including titles, for [ТЕМА чи БІЗНЕС].

Top ChatGPT Tips for Programmers

46. ​​​​Set up this code: [ВВЕДІТЬ КОД].

47. I have a list of data [ОПИСИ]. each [ЗНАЧЕННЯ] the data should contain [ПАРАМЕТРИ] and answer [СТАНДАРТИ]. Generate a JSON schema for validation. [ВВЕДІТЬ ДАНІ].

48. Optimize this code to improve database performance: [ВВЕДІТЬ КОД].

49. Create a webform in HTML containing fields for [СПИСОК ПОЛІВ].

50. Create a RESTful API template that can be used to connect my application to third party services.

51. Create CSS for a blog web page using a font [НАЗВА]size [РОЗМІР]background color [HEX-КОД]title color [HEX-КОД].

52. Add ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) attributes to this code for better accessibility: [ВВЕДІТЬ КОД].

53. Convert this code to [МОВА ПРОГРАМУВАННЯ]: [ВВЕДІТЬ КОД].

54. Explain how it works [ФУНКЦІЯ] on [МОВА ПРОГРАМУВАННЯ].

55. Which syntax is correct for [ФУНКЦІЯ] V [МОВА ПРОГРАМУВАННЯ]?

56. Write a program for [ДІЯ] on [МОВА ПРОГРАМУВАННЯ].

57. Action as interpreter [МОВА ПРОГРАМУВАННЯ] and print only this code: [ВВЕДІТЬ КОД].

58. Code the element [ДІЯ] on the page using [МОВА].

59. Explain how I can improve this code and add advanced functionality: [ВВЕДІТЬ КОД].

60. I’m trying to use [МОВА ПРОГРАМУВАННЯ] For [ДІЯ]but I get an error message that [ДЕТАЛІ]. What could be wrong with my code?

Top ChatGPT Tips for Fun

61. Write a poem on the topic [ТЕМА] in the style of Taras Shevchenko.

62. Write a review about [ТЕМА] in the style of the 19th century explorer who had just discovered it for the first time.

63. Start a story about [ІДЕЯ].

64. Tell me about my personality based on my date of birth: [ВВЕДІТЬ ДАТУ].

65. Become a personal trainer and create a workout plan [ВПРАВА] for three months. I want to study [ЧИСЛО] once a week for [ЧИСЛО] minutes. I like to study [ВПРАВИ]and I don’t want to do one [ВПРАВИ]. I have access to [СПИСОК ОБЛАДНАННЯ]. Include information on how to do the exercises. Enter the results in a table with exercise names, repetitions, approaches and instructions.

66. Give me a plan that will help me run 5 km before [ДАТА]. Today [ДАТА]. I have [РІВЕНЬ] running experience and can run [ЧАС І ЧАСТОТА] weekly.

67. Plan a travel route for me. I am traveling to [МІСЦЕ] on [КІЛЬКІСТЬ] days from [ОПИС ПОПУТНИКА]. My budget is [СУМА]. I need a place to stay and a plan for what to do. My favorite activities [ДЕТАЛІ].

68. What romantic date ideas can I suggest on a budget? [СУМА]? I am in [МІСЦЕ]. My other half and I love [ДІЯЛЬНІСТЬ]but we don’t want to [ДЕТАЛІ].

69. Give me instructions or training materials to do [АВТОРСЬКИЙ ПРОЄКТ] with a budget [СУМА] or less.

70. Create 3 fun birthday card ideas, including a description of the cover, the message on the cover, and the text inside.

71. Write a letter [ОСОБА]in which tell me how much I appreciate this from them: [ПУНКТ А, ПУНКТ В, ПУНКТ С…].

72. Create a song with lyrics and guitar chords about [УЛЮБЛЕНА ЇЖА]. Write a song as if it would be sung [УЛЮБЛЕНА АРТИСТКА].

73. Give me 3 hints for different drawings I can draw. I’m practicing drawing now [ПРЕДМЕТІВ].

74. What are the rules of 3 card games that I can play with other people? Don’t turn it on [ІГРИ]I already know how to play them.

75. Teach me how to do a trick with a deck of cards.

Use these prompts to work as efficiently as possible as a freelancer. We will prepare another selection of 75 prompts in the next article. Follow our releases.

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