70% of IT professionals noted the importance of the atmosphere in the company where they have to work

70% of IT professionals noted the importance of the atmosphere in the company where they have to work

We are on Habr Career again talked to IT professionals and collected research. But this time, not only his results seemed so interesting to us that we invented a job search test. This article is about the atmosphere in IT teams, namely “vibes”, which, as it turned out, are just as important as a good salary. Well, maybe just a little.

The link to the test is below – to understand why it is like that, we advise you to read the article.

Is the atmosphere in the company important?

Finding a team in which the atmosphere combines with a healthy bureaucracy, interesting tasks and a good salary is difficult, and we have not said anything new now.

Mid-level professionals and above who are looking for a job are guided by referrals. They want to find out as much as possible which team they will be in, which managers and what the vibes are like in the company — this is a quote, by the way.

We found that:

  • 90% of respondents consider salary, necessary skills, and basic tasks to be the most important.

  • 80% – the possibility of remote work and the company.

  • 70% – qualifications that a specialist should have, for example: junior, middle, as well as the type of employment, job title and how it works in the company.

  • 60% – add the necessary specialization to the above, for example: backend, design and employee feedback about the company.

  • 50% – take into account the date of publication of the vacancy.

  • 30% — add the company’s rating to all the above-mentioned items.

It turns out that at least 70% of respondents, in addition to salary, skills, tasks and removal, the employer company itself is important. And it’s not always about the brand: the company’s logo, rating, and even social package took the last lines in the list of important criteria.

Moreover, information about the company as an employer becomes more important as the grade increases. Yes, this point was indicated as important by 74% of interns, while among leaders the percentage was 80.

Must check

We gathered test teams from different companies and asked them to tell us honestly how they work. Importantly: it was the testers who answered, not eichars, devrels, PR specialists or anyone else who is interested in attracting specialists. Answers were collected from various testers – from interns to leaders.

And you know what? – they all answered the same.

In one company, specialists gave one answer without colluding to the question of what costume they would wear to a costume party. And in another, everyone said that their team member in the world of superheroes is Batman.

One of the test questions

This is how Vibe-check was born – for the time being for testers

We looked at all this and put it together Vibe check, in which testers can specify and compare their “vibes” with teams in different companies and find like-minded people. The questions in the test are not similar to an interview and are as different as possible: from the future manager’s favorite childhood cartoon to honest feedback from interns and old-timers in the company.

So if you are a tester and you are interested to know which company you have matched with → we invite you here.

One of the test questions

We will show vacancies only if you are suitable

All testing teams at Vibcheck are currently hiring. And if you passed the test and matched the vibes with one of them, we will show the vacancies of this company. And to respond or not — the choice is yours.

Vacancies are different – half for middles, half for seniors, there are several vacancies for junior testers.

Career board

If all this is not enough, then the whole week from March 18 we will play with the test teams in the career so much and get to know each other better.

At dawn, you have to swim across the ocean of jun, pass through the meadow of the meads and the desert of the seignors to get to the most difficult part of the road – to the led caves. Along the way, you will meet monsters and helpers: an old burnout chair, a pet project ship, a relocation eagle, and others.

The first to build a career in testing will win and take away cool merch from companies and the title of elf team leader of the hundredth level.

And, of course, there will be a chat where you can ask questions, chat with the teams and other specialists from the market.

Link to the push at the end of the vibe testdon’t lose her.

Check who I’m a vibe match with

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