6 steps to find Russian and foreign clients on LinkedIn

6 steps to find Russian and foreign clients on LinkedIn

This is Brenda on horseback. LinkedIn is a world-famous platform for business communication, its advantage is that it provides truly unique opportunities for finding clients and partners. In the Russian-speaking world, this platform is not so popular, but there is a very useful audience for networking, including foreign ones. Another advantage: this site has not yet suffered the fate of other social networks, which were flooded with advertising for courses and mentoring. It is now a business platform where users can learn and establish business connections.

Finding customers on LinkedIn will take a little effort, but the conversion is worth it! Just think: for every 10 mailings, we received 2-3 responses and 1 call there. This is significantly higher than another popular network, which we will not name.

Let’s take a look at the steps you need to take to find clients on LinkedIn in 2024.

Step 1: Registration. Here you need to bypass the blocking, there is no access to the site from Russia. Simply turning on a VPN doesn’t work for everyone, so if you’re having trouble using a VPN, use the Tor browser instead. Here are the instructions:

  1. download Tor browser;

  2. Enable VPN;

  3. In the smartphone settings, select “connection” and “bridges”;

  4. In the Tor browser, kill LinkedIn and select the country Great Britain;

  5. On the LinkedIn page, change the language to English;

  6. Register a profile on Google Mail or Yandex Mail.

Step 2: Complete your profile. Step by step:

Make sure the profile is completely filled out and all information is up to date. When filling out your profile, use keywords related to your activity to increase your profile’s visibility in search.

Try to write information about yourself in English, let’s not forget that there is still a huge layer of foreign audience on LinkedIn.

Step 3: Identify your target audience and what you are selling. Tip: when choosing an audience for mailings, focus on job filters and roles in the company, this significantly increases the chances of responses. In the Telegram channel, we share marketing techniques applicable in various businesses that help increase sales. Subscribe!

Step 4: Add content to the page. Few people can be tempted by an empty account with an offer. Business owners want to see in their contacts not just a performer, but an expert useful in solving business tasks. Show your expertise through content, you know what to do.

Step 5: Let the networking begin! In the “My network” section, the social network will throw you possible “friends”. These will be colleagues rather than potential employers, but now you can add them so that the account does not look empty. Add potential customers to your friends yourself: send requests to everyone to whom you can be useful, search for keywords and positions of interest. Also, use filters to narrow down the number of potential customers to the most targeted ones.

Step 6: Write to potential customers. Preferably short, without long self-presentation and broken phrases – otherwise it will be considered as spam. Respect the potential client’s time already at this stage.

Important: it is not so much the “head-on” offer that decides here, but the networking itself. So far, this is one of the few social networks where people are really willing to get to know each other and do not try to give you their “mentorship”. Therefore, be delicate and do not drag the habits acquired in other social networks.

In addition to standard marketing mailings, the process can be automated with bots that will send messages based on specified filters, precisely reaching your target audience. There are agencies that can help you automate the process. All you have to do is maintain a dialogue with an already interested potential client. What else can be done:

Good luck in finding new clients. And apply faster before it goes mainstream 🤫

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