6 mechanical keyboards worth paying attention to in the summer of 2023

6 mechanical keyboards worth paying attention to in the summer of 2023

The advantages and disadvantages of mechanical keyboards have been written on Habre several times. Therefore, we will not dwell on this again, we will rather talk about interesting models that deserve our attention. And now we will indicate the pros and cons for them. We are waiting for you under the executioner.

Nuphy Air75

An excellent wireless mechanical keyboard that has earned the respect of users. It has 84 keys that call switches plus wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

There is lighting, the body material is aluminum and plastic.

It was developed primarily for typing. The keyboard is positioned as ergonomic, and many users who have worked with it say that their hands do not get tired or get tired a little while working.

Plus, it pleases its owner with a backlight that supports 21 effects, and you can change them using a combination of keys.

Its main advantages are design, compactness, reliability, the same illumination and the possibility of changing the layout using specialized software.

If we talk about disadvantages, there are practically none. Maybe readers have experience with it, if so, share in the comments.

ASUS ROG Claymore II

An excellent keyboard for gamers, although text can also be typed with its help. It is ergonomic, there is a support for the wrist, which pleases. The keyboard has 108 keys, switches are linear. And yes, there is RGB lighting, and excellent, adjustable.

The keyboard is wireless, but works almost without lags – few people complain about this. Among the capabilities of the keyboard, it is worth highlighting the ability to record macros, built-in memory and the presence of specialized buttons that allow you to use additional functions.

The digital unit is removable – not everyone needs it, but it takes up space on the desktop. Therefore, if you do not need it, you can simply remove it and not use it.

Advantages – well, actually, all of the above. You can also add a fairly fast response of the keys and the reliability of this model. Expensive, it’s true, but many game accessories have a higher price tag.

Redragon Dragonwarrior

Well, this is a very convenient and relatively budget keyboard. It has a slim design and a fairly strong construction. It is produced by Redragon. There is, by the way, a battery that, among other things, shows the charge status.

The keyboard is not as cool as the previous model, but it can also be used by gamers. At the same time, it is suitable for those who work with texts. So, the model can be called universal.

Like its “colleagues”, it also has a backlight, which many users may like. If necessary, the backlight can be removed. In addition, you can change the switches as well, since the manufacturer included a key removal tool in the kit.

The advantages of the keyboard are many, including a compact size, comfortable keys and a solid construction. The only problem is that there is no height adjustment, unfortunately.

Keychron K1SE

The model is quite well-known among lovers of ergonomic keyboards. It is compact, suitable for many purposes, including both work and play. The keyboard has 87 keys with a very smooth movement.

There is also an adjustable backlight. The keyboard is made of plastic and aluminum. There are no special problems when working with it. The layout is quite standard – this is TKL. In addition, the design of the keyboard uses updated low-profile switches, which allowed the developer to make the keyboard thinner.

The response of the keys is fast, unlike many of its “brothers”, this model is practically silent. Switches can be replaced “on the fly”, and the layout can be changed using a specialized program.

There are almost no cons, except some users complain about the location of the Fn button. But let’s be honest, wherever the producers put it.

Logitech POP Keys

The keyboard with 87 keys is very unusual in design. It is wireless and can be connected to a PC, laptop or other device via Bluetooth. If you don’t like backlighting, then this keyboard is just right, because it doesn’t have one.

The manufacturer positions the keyboard as “retro”, the buttons are made in a shape that resembles the shape of the typewriter buttons of one of the old models. In addition, there are specialized buttons for those who like to use emoticons.

The battery provided by the developers allows you to work with this keyboard without wires for many months. According to the developer, the battery will last for about 3 years, but most likely they mean the time of self-discharge of the battery.

As for the layout, it can be changed with the help of a specialized application. And yes, it is also worth noting that the material of the keyboard is only plastic, without metals. It is difficult to say whether this is a virtue or a disadvantage, but what is, that is.

ZET GAMING Immortality mini

And closing our hit parade is a miniature keyboard that has only 68 keys. The switches here are linear, the connection interface is Bluetooth, so you can work without wires. It has a backlight, the manufacturer sells it as a gaming one, although, of course, there are questions about this positioning.

The backlight can be controlled – change the color or turn it off completely. Well, the device itself, according to users, is quite convenient. Those users who are used to a large number of buttons may argue with this, but this device will fit on almost any desk.

The built-in battery is enough for several weeks of autonomous operation, which is not bad.

In general, that’s all for today, if you have favorite models, tell us about them in the comments.

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