15 resources on Git. What to read/watch? / Hebrew

15 resources on Git. What to read/watch? / Hebrew

Hello everybody! This time we have collected a selection of supporting materials for learning Git. Convenience and flexibility have made Git the standard for most modern IT companies. Therefore, the ability to work with it is critical for any programmer.

These resources will help novice developers get acquainted with the version control system, consider different approaches and common mistakes, and more experienced programmers – refresh their knowledge.

Basics: What is Git and the basic commands

1. Video: What is Git at your fingertips

If you prefer video formats, then the author of the Listen IT channel explains how to work with Git in clear language and with visual diagrams.

2. Text course from Selectel Academy

Part of a course from Selectel on how to install Git and what the basic commands are

Introduction to Git →

3. Free course from Yandex Praktikum “Fundamentals of working with Git”

The course is based on real work tasks that teams face. The complexity increases gradually, from simple commands, and as a result, conflicts will be resolved during joint development. The theory is explained in simple language, and tests are used to consolidate the material.

Basics of working with Git →

4. Detailed articles on Habre

A two-part series of articles about Git for beginners →

Working with Git: first steps in GitHub →

5. Book “ProGit”

A detailed tutorial with examples that will leave you with no questions about working with Git. More suitable for those who are already familiar with the base, but can be difficult for beginners.

Book “ProGit” →

6. Video by Anton Pavlenko

A visual video about Git for beginners and those who are going to take a DevOps interview and refresh their knowledge.

7. Lecture about Git for beginners from Yandex

A useful breakdown of common situations where something can go “wrong”. They teach not to be afraid of losing something in the history of commits.

Flow: analyzing an alternative branching model

Different companies and even teams may have different workflows with version control systems. Therefore, I recommend that you delve into this issue and find out what they are and how they differ. The most popular are GitHub flow and GitLab flow.

  1. GitLab Flow VS GitFlow VS GitHub flow →

  2. Fundamental approaches when working with Git →

  3. GitHub flow →

  4. What is GitLab Flow? →

  5. A successful branching model for Git →


Once you’ve mastered the basics and basic commands, I recommend learning about common mistakes. This will help avoid them in the future 🙂

13. Video about the most common mistakes in working with Git and how to fix them

The author of the video explains what to do if you forgot to add a file to the last commit. How to reset all changes in the herd. And also: how to roll back a commit? How to reset the state of a branch to a specific commit?

14. Two articles on Habre with an analysis of frequent errors

Git: common mistakes and how to fix them →

Git happens! 6 Common Git Mistakes and How to Fix Them →


You can work with Git through GUI interfaces. For some, this practice is more familiar and pleasant than working in a console. This can make routine work easier when you’re already familiar with how Git works and commands.

  1. Translation of the article “Top 10 Best GUI Git Client for Developers”.

10 Git GUI Clients for Developers →

  1. Pro Git book app

Git is usually used as part of a larger ecosystem, and the terminal is not always the best way to work with it. The book looks at several other environments where Git can be useful, and how other applications work with it.

Git in other environments →

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