-15% at the expense of the regions

-15% at the expense of the regions

It’s time to look again at how much IT professionals earn, or rather how much they were paid in the second half of 2023.

We remind you that every six months we at Habr Career analyze salaries in IT and monitor changes in the market. This time we studied 34,114 salaries, we invite you to watch and discuss the results.

The median salary for IT professionals is now 141,000 ₽, which is 15% less than in in the first half of 2023when growth was 10%. This was mostly influenced by a 20% decrease in salaries in the regions, where IT professionals are now paid an average of ₽120,000. In Moscow, the average salary is 187,000 ₽, and in St. Petersburg – 150,000 ₽.

What is the median salary?

The median salary is like the average, only more precise. This is the level above and below which the same number of specialists receive income. Suppose the median salary in a group of ten people is ₽100,000, which means that five people earn less than ₽100,000 and five earn more.

Below we look at the salaries of IT professionals in a cross-section

Where do we get salaries?

Important clarification: the salaries in the study are not just numbers from vacancies or resumes of specialists, but real salaries that IT professionals are receiving now. They are available anonymously salary calculator on Habr Career. The calculator calculates the current level of income taking into account specific specializations, qualifications and stack. You can go in at any time and check whether your current salary is lower or higher than the market. → Check your salary

Salaries in IT by city

Median salary in IT in Moscow – 187,000 ₽ (-7%), in St. Petersburg – 150,000 ₽ (-14%), in other regions – 120,000 ₽. Below is a detailed graph with city medians.

Currently, the regions pay 15% less than the market average.

And what salaries are not in IT?
According to RosstatThe average salary in Russia in the second half of 2023 is 70,639 ₽.

Salaries increased only in Voronezh (+17%).

Salaries have not changed in Novosibirsk for six months.

Salaries decreased the most in Volgograd (-33%), Omsk (-21%), Ufa (-20%), Rostov-on-Don (-20%), Nizhny Novgorod (-18%). The least is in Krasnoyarsk (-3%).

Salaries in IT by specialization

For us, IT specialists are not only developers, but generally everyone involved in the creation of IT products in one way or another. Among them are testers, managers, designers, marketers and others. We take into account salaries in these specialties when we compile our research.

Salaries of sales professionals (+36%) and support professionals (+7%) increased. Salaries of marketers increased slightly (+1%).

The salaries of analysts and information security specialists have not changed.

Salaries of designers (-43%), testers and content specialists (-18%) fell the most.

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Details about salaries in specializations

In the graphs below, you will see three marks: the first is the 10th percentile, in the middle is the median, and the last is the 90th percentile.

What is a percentile?

The 10th percentile is the mark below which only 10% of salaries fall. The 90th percentile, respectively, means that 90% of salaries are less than or equal to this value. We can tentatively look at these figures as the minimum and maximum salary in the specialization.

Salaries of analysts

Salaries of designers

Salaries of quality specialists

Salaries of operation specialists

Salaries of eichars

Salaries of marketers

Salaries of directors, products and projects

Salaries of developers

The most noticeable increase in salaries was among ERP programmers — by 42%, up to 180,000 ₽. Salaries of HTML writers grew the least — by 3%, up to 60,000 ₽.

Game developers experienced the biggest salary decline in the second half of 2023 (-28%). Salaries of 1C programmers (-20%), frontenders (-17%), backenders (-10%) and mobile application developers (-9%) also decreased.

Salaries of developers in programming languages

Objective-C developer salaries continue to be the highest in this study. In the second half of 2023, the median increased by 21% to ₽379,000. In second place, Scala’s salary is 300,000 ₽ with an increase of 9%, and in third place is Ruby – 280,000 ₽ with an increase of 11%.

In the second half of 2023, Swift salaries dropped from third place to seventh, amid gains in other languages ​​(245,000 ₽), while Golang developer salaries rose one position to 271,000 ₽.

Importantly: for the languages ​​Objective-C, Scala, and Elixir, the number of salaries in the sample is 39, 30, and 15, respectively, which can significantly distort the data from half-year to half-year. In order for the analytics to be more accurate in the next six months, enter your salary in calculator Habr Careers is anonymous.

In the second half of 2023, salaries increased mostly in programming languages. The most noticeable increase in salaries was among developers in Objective-C and C++ — by 21%, up to 379,000 and 200,000 ₽, respectively.

Salaries decreased slightly only for Swift programmers — by 2%, to 245,000 ₽.

Salaries in IT by company

In the second half of 2023, IT professionals were paid the most in Avito – a median of ₽325,000. Also in the top five are Holding T1, Raiffeisenbank, Kaspersky Lab and VK.

Freelance and IP

To the salaries of IT specialists from companies, we add the salaries of freelancers. Compared to the first half of 2023, it decreased by 36% and amounted to 80,000 ₽. Salaries of individual entrepreneurs increased by 14% — they receive an average of 200,000 ₽.


This is our thirteenth IT salary survey. You can view previous reports here:

The report for the second half of 2023 is based on the data of 34,114 specialists. We indicate in rubles the amount that specialists receive, after deducting all taxes. To make the data more accurate, we specifically cut off the top 1% and bottom 1% of salaries.

For more information on how to use the salary calculator and how salaries are calculated, we wrote in this reference article.

Briefly about the main thing

  • The median salary in the IT market is now 141,000 ₽, which is 15% less than in the first half of 2023.

  • The median salary of IT specialists in Moscow is 187,000 ₽, in St. Petersburg – 150,000 ₽, in the regions – 120,000 ₽.

  • Among the specializations, the salaries of sales specialists increased the most – by 36%, up to 90,000 ₽.

  • The salary of software architects remains the highest among developers — 358,000 ₽ (+12%), HTML developers receive the least — 60,000 ₽ (+3%).

  • The salaries of ERP programmers increased the most during the six months (+31%) – up to 180,000 ₽.

  • The highest paid languages ​​are Objective-C, Scala, Ruby, Elixir and Golang, and the lowest is C.

  • If we talk about how the salaries of developers have changed in the context of programming languages, the salaries of Objective-C and C++ developers have increased the most (+21%).

  • IT specialists earn the most at Avito (325,000 ₽), T1 Holding (300,000 ₽) and Raiffeisenbank (292,000 ₽).

How do you know if your salary is in line with the market, how much other professionals in your position earn, and how much you will be paid if you add a new skill to your resume or upgrade your qualifications?

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