1001 HR or how I came to team interviews

1001 HR or how I came to team interviews

Officially, I have been working in IT for over ten years. And so I want to tell you four short stories about how I hired people, how others hired me engineers and what IT hiring process I’ve come to at this point. I will not go deep into the technical details and details of project development, let’s focus on the hiring process.


I know a guy who knows a guy, he has an uncle, and his wife’s cousin asked me in 2009 to help develop the client side of a discount coupon web app and hire a backend developer. At that time, such projects were popular, it was necessary to make an analogue with the output of the web face to the terminal. A long-bearded man responded to me on fl.ru young man. I then thought If the beard is long, then it should be sorted. But still, I asked him a couple of technical questions at that time. He was a perl programmer who used the Catalyst framework in his work.


Within a few years, I got my first official job as a programmer. Then they handled my hiring process two main technicians in the company. Oh, how they got me with their questions after six in the evening, when it was time for dinner. However, after what turned out to be a successful technical interview and two weeks, they called with a job offer, although by then I had forgotten about it.

Advertising network

Three more years later, I met a client, responding to the vacancy independentlywho had an interesting offer and your business: needed to sell an ad network with your engine. I agreed. In the process, I realized that I needed the advice of a more experienced specialist in advertising networks and a front-end developer for interfaces. My client contacted a recruitment agency and we started receiving candidates. For the first time, I found myself in the role of an interviewer. But then there was so much work that somehow I didn’t pay attention to it. I needed it man. I independently selected and read all resumes sent to me by the recruiter, approved candidates and conducted interviews. The search was intensive and not very long, somewhere on the eighth invited candidate we stopped. Conducted interviews in the presence of the client.


January 2022. Covid hasn’t started yet and I already had decent remote work experience and was looking for a suitable one. Somewhere around ten in the evening, the call rang, and I decided to pick up the phone. The serious voice on the other end of the line briefly described the problem, asked me a few questions, and then asked if I could come to them for an interview. I agreed, it wasn’t a recruiter – it was engineer. Two days later we talked and I started working.

Conclusions from observations

  • The initial interview with the recruiter – broken phone. I’ve been lucky enough to get a job with him once in the last ten years, it was somewhere between hosting and an ad network.

  • Interpretive people can be trained, and quickly, this is a risk that is often justified; Note: also the hiring manager gets an additional benefit from investment in professional development.

  • Other recruitment stories, four more by TC and six unofficial ones at various times early in the journey, don’t differ much in terms of script.

  • There will always be something you don’t know and something the other person doesn’t know, it is critically necessary to be able to admit one’s mistakes.


While working, I was again puzzled by the hiring process: there was a need to form a technical team for a new project. Here is a small list of rules developed for my practice, when communicating at interviews from one and the other side of the barricades:

  • Most recruiters work for a stream, so they send for consideration all resumesthat come to hand (keyword search)

  • Tim Lead/Architect/Senior Developer/CTO/Chief Development Officer examines them, and if everything is OK, they call the person, verify that they are alive and able to talk at the moment, and set an interview date

  • A person is invited to an interview, where they are present all members of the technical team

  • Everyone has a voice, no live coding, documentation questions for entry-level candidates. Individual approach.

  • If there is a lack of competence in some issue, you can invite an external expert (if resources are available), this issue must be resolved to interviews with the candidate


The recruiter must work closely with the specialist team that evaluates the candidates. Experts can only be evaluated by those experts who have gone through their path.

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