10 years after launch, Star Citizen is still in alpha. But a complete set of ships already costs $48,000

10 years after launch, Star Citizen is still in alpha. But a complete set of ships already costs $48,000

Not bad, right? And this despite the fact that some of these “spaceships that plow the space of the universe” are also not ready yet, but are only under development. What is going on anyway? A lot of everything. In general, everything is very interesting with Star Citizen, because for the first time it became known about this game 11 years ago, and there is still no official release. The project is in alpha version status, and it is still unclear when the final will be.

However, the developers do everything to make the project profitable. This time they have offered a complete set of ships from the Star Citizen universe for $48,000. This offer is called the Legatus Pack. Details below.

What is this product at this price in the Tesla Model 3?

According to the developers, the package includes not ten or even 50 ships, but 187 ships, hundreds of accessories, skins, armor, etc. But there is one more nuance — an ordinary player will not be able to register and buy all this wealth. You must also be a member of a certain level of Star Citizen’s Chair’s Club. It’s not free either: you’ll need to spend at least $10,000 on in-game items to become a privileged player. Thus, the total amount of the package increases to $58,000.

To an outsider who is not very familiar with the game, all this may seem like pure madness, but for the players themselves, the offer is not sensational. The fact is that Legatus packages in various configurations have been sold for many years. Every year more in-game items are added to the offer, and the price is steadily increasing. According to the developers, it’s “a package that players will use to deploy ships, items, and more in organizations, corporations, and guilds.”

The increase in the price of the package is shown in the graph above – it really increases steadily. The first Legatus Pack was offered to gamers in 2018 at an “objective” price of $27,000. And before that, other packages with similar contents were offered. This is a Completionist with a price tag of up to $15,000.

Since the launch of the first Legatus Pack, which included 117 ships, RSI has updated its “full” in-game content offering in December every year since 2019, increasing the price and increasing the number of ships included. An analysis of these updates by reporters at tech media outlet ArsTechnica shows that despite the increase in overall cost, the average price per ship adjusted for inflation has actually declined by about 12 percent since peaking in late 2019 (the number of optional extras included in the package, also increased from 163 in 2018 to 635 today).

Source: Star Citizen

According to the company’s representatives, the package is developed in accordance with the requests of users – those who have been “in the topic” for a long time and consider the universe of Star Citizen as a dream project.

It is interesting that the descriptions of the ships look like a story about a real product:

  • Javelin, intended for use within the UEE, is a massive modular ship that can also be used for commercial purposes. With a detailed interior, a variety of modular accommodation options and excellent crew capacity, the Javelin is suitable for many players.

  • Jump 890: With an elegant, sleek exterior that blends perfectly with a spacious interior, the Jump 890 is a true engineering marvel. Designed to impress and surprise, it combines a unique innovative design with the best materials and the most advanced technologies. The result is a vessel worthy of its class, a masterpiece.

You want to buy right away, right? At the same time, some ships are developed by the game team, they are not available to gamers. But most of those courts that are part of the new package are already involved in the development of the game universe.

Source: Star Citizen

How successful is this game?

Although Star Citizen is still in alpha status and occasionally experiences server load issues, the community continues to grow. At the moment, the game already has more than 5 million “citizens”, with the help of which more than $659 million has been collected. Not every commercial “turnkey” project collects hundreds of millions of US dollars, even in 10 years.

In 2023, RSI announced the achievement of another record in the amount of funds collected from users – the company received more than $117 million. This is about 20% of the entire amount collected by 2023. By the way, about $3 million was collected for one event of the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo in 2022.

The company’s representatives stated the following after the launch of the new package: “Star Citizen is currently in alpha development, the universe is being developed in partnership with an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and always welcoming community. Each game update adds new features, technology and gameplay that are improved and developed together with our key development partners – the players.”

In general, this entire project is unique both in form and substance. Previously, the company was criticized many times, calling Star Citizen a large-scale bank.

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