10 ideas for a New Year’s corporate party that you will want to implement

10 ideas for a New Year’s corporate party that you will want to implement

This is Brenda on horseback. New Year’s holidays are a great opportunity to diversify your life with fun activities. And one of them is a corporate party with colleagues. “Secret Santa” has already been played a million times, and the banal feast was a million and one more? Want something more interesting? Then we offer a selection of ideas for celebrating the New Year with colleagues. Take note.

A time capsule

The idea is to gather together a kind of mold of the passing year and arrange it in the form of a time capsule. It is not necessary to bury it – in winter it would be fun, but problematic. You can create a scroll in which each colleague writes wishes for the coming year or sums up what is going on. Cork the scroll in a champagne bottle and put it away until the next New Year, so that it can then be solemnly opened and nostalgic. This can become a good New Year’s tradition.

Thematic costume party

The creative potential of this idea is limitless. After all, you can invent absolutely any topic, even if it is a new one every year, and it will always be different. For example, choose a style of the day: 20s, 60s, 80s or 90s. Or by territory: gangster Chicago, Japan, Hawaii, the Wild West, etc. You can organize a pompous masquerade ball with crystal champagne or a frivolous party in the style of superheroes. Preparation for such an event can already be the beginning of anticipation of something interesting.

An evening in the style of the Oscars

As a continuation of the theme of the costume party: an Oscar-style party. Only instead of a themed outfit, there is an evening dress code. The rest of the entourage also needs to keep up with the style of the event: lay the carpet, organize nominations with voting and award statuettes, prepare entertaining videos about work and colleagues, summarize the year’s results from the stage, deliver solemn speeches.

Conduct esoteric or psychological practices

Stop rolling your eyes, we are also against esotericism. But what if you turn it into entertainment and play it? It can be a funny experience even for the followers of the scientific approach who do not believe in the afterlife. The main thing is not to invite a “benevolent fortune teller”, who will predict some black woman for the guests, and cause skeptics to burn certain body parts. Give it an entertaining character: divination with throwing felt over the shoulder, liver or runes with good predictions for the coming year. It should be fun, especially fortune-telling like “christening” will take place, there will be a thousand reasons for jokes and funny interpretations. For supporters of the scientific approach, you can invite a psychologist who will conduct games with metaphorical cards or simple but interesting diagnostic tests. You don’t need to do any deep digging, it’s still a holiday and the goal here is to have fun.

Board Games

It is unlikely that anyone will want to play Dungeons and Dragons at a corporate party (although it can happen). But the city “Mafia”, “Elias”, “Imaginarium” or more complex party games will surely appeal to everyone. Think with your colleagues in advance which pushers you want to play and prepare them for the event.


It’s great if “finding where they pour here” will not be the only quest on the holiday. Hire professionals or come up with an exciting New Year’s adventure with joint efforts. For this, everyone can come up with one task, and the person appointed by the organizer can collect it into a single quest. The quest can be built on topics close to your team. For example, in our Telegram channel, you can highlight ideas related to marketing and advertising.

Wine tasting or tea ceremony

Drinking alcoholic beverages can be in the form of a feast with toasts. Who prevents it from being informative and beautiful? Hire a professional sommelier to guide guests into the world of subtle blends and interesting facts about wine. And for supporters of a healthy lifestyle, you can organize a tea corner with a tea master and tasting of various varieties.

Master class

A creative master class will be an interesting and useful entertainment. Art studios conduct such events for companies, both on their territory and abroad. Choose a convenient venue and topic. Weaving Christmas wreaths, pouring candles, fluid art or decoupage – there are many options. In addition to the fact that everyone will enjoy creativity and communication, they will also take the product with them.

Culinary duel

The same master class, only culinary. Many restaurants provide similar services. It will be like at school during labor lessons, when everyone cooks something, and then everyone eats together. Only without a teacher and with the opportunity to fool around.


For the most daring enthusiasts, there is a proposal not to load your body with food, but on the contrary, to load physical activity. A horseback ride through the forest or riding a snowmobile will give you unforgettable impressions. Or maybe even in a dog sled, if there is such an option in your city. As an easier option: a collective trip to the ice rink or sliding down the slide on stuffed animals.

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